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Audit Online Class with Lauren Patrice Nadler

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to inquire about online classes

after you watch the audit videos below

Online Scenes In Progress

Lauren's Notes & Quotes 

Olivia Rose Keegan, Austin Bugarin

& Jazmine Robinson


French Waitress

by John Patrick Shanley

Ema Doenges & Allegra Acosta



by Leslye Headland

Troi Zee & Joan Ngai
Matt & Ben
by Mindy Kaling & Brenda Withers 

Raquel Zerbe & Nemi Brooks 

The Baby Dance 
by Jane Anderson 

Matthew Kenneth Acho

& Miloh England 

All About Al
by Cherie Vogelstein 

Mei Pak & Rachel McCormick 

by Mike Batistick 

Sydnee Smith & Olivia Singer 

Wheres My Money

by John Patrick Shanely 

Matt Perl & John William Connolly 

by Leslye Headland

Jazmine Robinson & Jessica Idaewor 

Rabbit Hole 
by David Lindsay Abaire 

Sam Millare & Joel Matthew 

Time Stands Still 
by Donald Marguiles 

Austin Bugarin & Natalie Pheffer 

by Leslye Headland

Anna Jane Jackson & Mei Pak 

Where's My Money
by John Patrick Shanley

Chloe Bunce and Lyndsey Sondker


Bad Jews

by Joshua Harmon

Natalie Pheffer & Ben Burns


Reason to be Pretty

by Neil LaBute

Ema Doenges and Joel Matthew


Four Dogs and a Bone

by John Patrick Shanley

Chloe Bunce and Matt Perl

Face Divided

by Edward Allan Baker

Arlette Beauchamp and Mei Pak

Collected Stories

by Donald Margulies

Ema Doenges and Austin Bugarin

Beyond Therapy

by Christopher Durang

Lauren's notes on Austin and Olivia's scene from French Waitress 

Core of Character

About an Improv (Don't Be Afraid)

Lauren's notes on Ema & Allegra's scene from Asistants 

Improv Segments

These starts with a suggestion of the day. Two actors start and then Lauren assigns an order for everyone else to go in. Each actor gets about a minute and a half. It’s totally spontaneous and most of the time it makes sense! :-)
You will hear Lauren say *DING* between each segment. DON'T BE ALARMED, SHE'S FINE. That just means their minute and a half is up and it cues the next actor to go in. Check out the segment below to watch our format in action!

Suggestion: Falling Down a Bottomless Pit

Suggestion: My Boyfriend is in Love With My Mom

Suggestion: One of Us is the Killer

Suggestion: "I'd like to return this..."

Suggestion: The Floor is Lava

Suggestion: Living in the 1950's

Teen Improv Segments

Suggestion: My Boyfriend has a Very Very Very BIG Secret

Suggestion: I Wrote You a Song

Suggestion: Girlfriend Meets Boyfriend in a Haunted House

Suggestion: Groundhogs Day

Suggestion: America's Next Top Nun

Wanna know what other students have to say about LPN Studios Online Class?
"Beyond continuing to practice the craft with Lauren and honing in on aspects of your acting that need improvement, the online class challenges you in a unique way due to its up-close online class set up; it forces you to pay more attention to the detailing of your character/environment, within your home. I definitely would recommend this amazing online class."
- Austin Bugarin 

"This class has been a valuable tool because it teaches a very necessary skill: How to create and react to your environment when nothing is around you. This is a very important skill to have for film/tv actors. The online class also helps you learn how to find your lighting and angles on the camera. I highly recommend!” 
- Matthew Kenneth Acho

"I feel SO fortunate that I can continue studying with LPNS online! I’ve grown and learned so much as an actress. I could not recommend this class more, both online and in person!” 
- Ella McDonald (teen)

“Lauren Nadler's online class gets you ready for those days on set when your are surrounded by a green screen and a camera but in your head you are right where you need to be. Much needed energy!” 
- Miloh England 

“I moved to LA a year ago, and Lauren’s class was one of the first classes I audited. I absolutely feel in love with it, but circumstances prevented me from getting into her class consistently. This quarantine moment was the perfect opportunity! It’s been the best experience. The knowledge and gems she gives, then being able to sit down afterwards and resonate on the words she says is good. If anyone is thinking about it, and you need a sign, here it is. Sign up for class- it’s definitely worth it! Thank you, Lauren, for allowing me to be a part of your journey in this way and experience you in this way. I appreciate you so much!” 
– Jazmine Robinson
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