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LPN Students' recent bookings....

Big Things Are Happening For ELISSA KAPNECK

We couldn't be more proud of LPN Studios student Elissa Kapneck! She recently booked a LIFETIME movie and then two weeks later booked a recurring role on a hot SOAP! We can't tell you about the projects just yet, but we couldn't wait to share the big news! Way to go, Elissa! Keep up the AMAZING work!

_"Acting is a craft. It’s an art. And furthermore, it’s quite personal. When you study with an acting coach, that prep time can be the difference between a solid performance and your best performance. You need someone who knows how to get immediate honest work out of you. Someone who gets you so dialed in with the material that it is just in your bones. I searched for that coach for years, and then I met Lauren Nadler. Lauren strengthens your strengths and cuts the things that aren’t working. Her method is bullet proof if you focus and listen to her. She always helps me get to the truth and I leave her feeling ready for whatever is thrown my way. From morning to night, she is always available for her actors and gives you 100% of her whether or not she has slept the night before!! She’s the real deal!! Thank you Lauren, for everything. Let’s keep killing it!! Love you!!!”_

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