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SWEET bookings, Iohana!

Iohana booked THREE projects this week! "Lauren’s class has helped me immensely in so many ways. She has created this space where it’s ok to be your creative self and open up to different possibilities. It’s inspiring to be in a class where everyone helps each other grow. I am beyond grateful to be a part of this studio that feels like home. The knowledge I have gained, has helped me so much when being on set and in the industry overall. I believe acting is ongoing learning experience and I trust in Lauren’s process to guide me through this journey. Thank you Lauren for being the wonderful human being you are!" Iohana Sanchez - LG Commercial, Film: Project E, Webseries: Sweet

Our excitement is CLEAR

Watch out for Kelli Erdmann in a Clean and Clear commercial! “After my first coaching session with Lauren, I knew I had to get in her class. She has an incredible ability to get real emotions out of you that you didn't even know you had. Being brand new to acting, I was very intimidated, but this studio makes it possible for one to learn and grow. Not only from Lauren, but also from all of the amazing actors there in a positive, judgement-free space.” KELLI ERDMANN - Hairspray Live!, Jane the Virgin, Fuller House, National Tour of Wicked

Catch this performance at least ONCE!

Tonight! Watch Michael Provost on "SIX". “It's hard to put into words how immensely Lauren has effected my acting! She has enabled me to come at every character differently and with a positive state of mind. Her use of environment is second to none and has transformed my creative process. I'm certain that any actor who has trained with Lauren would agree that you grow just as much as a person as you do as an actor! She opens emotional doors and gives insight that we as humans are often blind to. It's an honor to work with her, and a blessing to have a studio like LPN to call home!” MICHAEL PROVOST - #RealityHigh, The Case For Christ, Elbow Grease

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