LPN Students' recent bookings and hot news....

Certainly a BEAUTIFUL booking.

This LPN Student, Fidelia Grace, is a beauty inside AND out. Congrats on booking a Murad Cosmetics commercial! Perfect fit. "I truly don't know where I would be in my acting career without Lauren. She has challenged me in every way possible while allowing me to flourish and become a more confident individual. Lauren not only gives me the tools to succeed in my craft but encourages me to find my own unique voice. She has provided me with a safe community to express myself and become vulnerable while exploring different characters. Her support and guidance has meant everything to me and I can't thank her enough for everything she has done thus far. I love you, Lauren!" FIDELIA GRACE - Dreams

Another lead role for Tim!

Right off of his booking of "Her ", Tim books the lead role in the indie film "Jackel". Tim is a longtime student of LPN Studios, and a versatile dramatic and comedic actor. "Lauren's insightful guidance and direction has greatly enhanced my ability to tap into deeper connections with character choices while strengthening my confidence and overall acting freedom.” TIM SIMEK - Infidel, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Dead in the head, Gossip Boy, McMann & Bernstein

InTWO the Badlands

Tune in this to AMC this Sunday to see the Season Two premiere of Into the Badlands with Aramis Knight, Daniel Wu, Orla Brady, and Ally Ioannides. This season is sure to be as exciting and entertaining as Season One.

New show, new booking!

LPN Student books a cool role on George Lopez's "Lopez" on TV land. Great work, Jacqueline Marie Alberto!

This news is quite SATISFYING!

LPN Student, Michael Provost, is currently shooting a Series Regular role on the new CW pilot "Insatiable" starring Alyssa Milano. Congrats to this hard working actor! Read more in the Deadline article, here.

He was BANK-ing on this commercial booking!

Erik Van Wagenen booked a commercial for East West Bank! Great news for Erik, a longtime LPN Student. You can watch the commercial here. "Lauren is one of those teachers that brings out the absolute best in anyone willing to put in the effort and if you're serious about acting, you better be willing to. She is not a teacher to give you a cookie cutter approach and when you have a sticking point, tells you to keep working on what's not working. She realizes every individual is different and she works with you on figuring out what works for you. You just have to be willing to put in the work, but if you are, I've never seen people grow faster than I have in this class and I wouldn't be the act

Time to dress up!

Proud of Michael Brian for booking a feature film! Stay tuned for more about "Josh Taylor's Prom Date", directed by Andy Pett.

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