LPN Students' recent bookings and hot news....

We are proud of you, SON

Catch "The Son" on AMC and see Shane Graham as "Charles McCullough". Watch it now so you are prepared for the SECOND SEA

"A Star is Born!" - Aaron Paul

At a special screening of "The Path" at The Hollywood Cemetery, Aaron Paul talks about working with Kyle Allen. It's awesome stuff, take a look.

Cool commercial booking by Alex!

Check out the fun 5 Hour Energy commercial Alex shot! Click here. Congrats! "Bottom line, one of a kind. I've been to several acting studios, some of which are "BIG NAME" studios, but I must say, none gave me the vibes LPN does. Luckily for me, I didn't just find a studio that challenges me every week and allows me to explore and expand my talent. I found a home. There's a lot of love and support at LPN and it all formulates from the passion, nurture, knowledge, and love we get from not only our teacher, but, our friend, Lauren." ALEX ALSINA - My Crazy Ex, Burn Notice

Hulu picks up Marvel's 'Runaways' w/ our very own Allegra

Hulu has picked up the new Marvel show "Runaways", featuring our very own Allegra Acosta (pictured far right). Allegra has been a member of our teen class for a long time, and worked with Lauren for longer. We are very proud of her hard work and can't to see her. To read the Deadline article and learn more about all of the characters, click here.

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