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DREAMing of all the film festival awards!

That's our girl Fidelia Grace on the left of this movie poster! She starred in this moving film opposite Manuel Domenech. Malcolm McDowell plays the judge in this film about unlikely but important friendship amidst smuggling and deportation. The film opened the San Pedro International Film Festival on October 6th, and closed the WIND International Film Festival on October 20th. This incredible film will be sure to continue to successfully travel the festival circuit. To view the movie's trailer, click here.

Grey's Anatomy Booking

Congrats to Marquise for booking and shooting her Grey's Anatomy episode! It aired last week! Her episode is called "Ain't That a Kick in the Head", if you want to try to find it online. "Lauren has been a true life changer. As a child actress, my perception about the art of acting was a bit misconstrued. I appreciate Lauren’s no BS attitude that has encouraged me to push myself and trust every emotion that my body instinctually wants to do. Because of Lauren and LPN Studios, I have fallen in love with acting all over again. Thank you, Lauren, for lighting my fire and bringing back my love!” MARQUISE C. BROWN - Baby Daddy, The Bernie Mac Show, AT&T, KAY JEWELERS, NATIONAL BUD LIGHT, GARDASIL

Say their name

Mikey Fusco (far left) recently joined the newest hit boy band, Citizen Four. Their latest single takes a spin on the infamous Destiny's Child song "Say My Name". Their song, "My Name (Say It)" is a fun twist on the original hit. Hear it and read how the band ran into Rihanna and got approval from Queen Bey herself. Article here.

Hip-Hop Gymnast Actress

Sophina DeJesus has worked hard her whole life. Read about her journey here. Also included in this article spotlight is a link to the YouTube video of her amazing gymnastic performance while she was in UCLA.

Another LPN Student named a breakout star!!!

Allegra Acosta has been a longtime student of Lauren's, and is currently enrolled in the studios' brand new teen class. She is featured in this article as a breakout star, but we already knew that! Here's a blip of what they said about Allegra: "The actress, though a newcomer, is also proving she’s ready for the spotlight..." Read more here.

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