LPN Students' recent bookings and hot news....

Rachel Thundat is Leading the Way into several projects!

Rachel Thundat is still on a roll! She's got several new bookings that you should check her out in! She's a series regular in the webseries TAINTED and has lead roles in short films LAST NIGHT, MUSIC BOX, THE MAGIC HOOKAH and DON'T FAIL ME NOW. Rachel is yet another core member of the studio and is a part of the Baby JackRats improv troupe. Be sure to check back with us to find out when you can see her perform at Theater 68!

Two Friends, Same Movie!

Congrats Rudy Pankow for booking a lead role in indie feature film SPACE WAVES. And also to Andrew Gabriel for booking a co-star role. The two friends are off to shoot this month! We'll miss both of you while you're gone but couldn't be more excited for you! Be sure to check out both of these hilarious guys in the Baby JackRats improv troupe.

How is she keeping up with EVERYTHING she's booking?!?

Congrats Ariane Andrew! She has been super busy since wrapping feature film UNDERDOG. This gal has been booking and shooting short film BLOOD BATH, a commercial for C Spire, the webseries MY GIRLFRIEND IS BLACK AND MAPLE and much more. Keep an eye on her! She's doing big things!

Catch Marquise in the final season of SCANDAL OnDemand if you missed it!

The beautiful and talented Marquise C. Brown has been all over the place lately. If you missed her in the final season of SCANDAL, be sure to check it out OnDemand! Marquise is another core member of LPN Studios and is a long time member of the MadJackRats Improv Troupe that came out of the LPN Studios. See her and other members of our studio every third Sunday of the month at Theater 68 in NoHo.

This kid was born to be a STAR!

Congratulations to Jance Enslin for recently wrapping his series regular role in first season of FIRST LOVE, a New Media/Webseries with Blackpolls Network. We looked forward to watching him on the show! Keep coming back here to find out when you can see him.

Emily Humble is making a rumble!

A big Congrats to Emily Humble for recently wrapping her lead role in the psychological thriller, 'Trauma Therapy'! She endured a lot of cold up in Idyllwild, CA shooting on location with a talented cast and crew and we can not wait for the release of her feature film! Keep checking back for more on this girl!

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