LPN Students' recent bookings and hot news....

ERIN ASTIN is in a play and just shot a pilot!

Erin is having a busy start to 2019! She is currently in rehearsals for the upcoming production of '19 Years Later' (a satirical re-imagining of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) which opens April 18th at Studio/Stage Theater and runs for 15 shows. Click HERE to purchase tickets to this magical event! Additionally, she just finished filming her lead role in an independent television pilot called 'Lonesome Road' which will be pitched to networks and streaming services upon its completion. Keep it up Erin!

ALEX NEUSTAEDTER is back with an NBC pilot!

Longtime LPN student Alex Neustaedter was just cast in NBC's new legal drama Prism! Inspired by the psychological thriller Roshomon, the show centers on a murder trial, and each episode will revolve around a different character's perspective. Alex will play the enigmatic Michael Jamison, a series regular on the show. In addition to Prism, Alex can be seen in the film Low Tide which is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival next month. Congratulations Alex!

Alum GERALDINE VISWANATHAN stars in 'Miracle Workers' on TBS!

LPN alum Geraldine Viswanathan stars in the new comedy 'Miracle Workers!' The series premiered February 12th on TBS and follows a disgruntled God (played by Steve Buscemi) who decides to destroy Earth unless two of his low-level angels can win a bet to get two introverted humans to kiss. Geraldine plays Eliza (one of the angels) alongside Daniel Radcliffe. Prior to 'Miracle Workers,' Geraldine was a standout star of last year's comedy 'Blockers.' Congratulations Geraldine on your continued success!


We are happy to share this recent interview of Lauren in Voyage LA. She discusses her journey from acting in New York to coaching and mentoring fellow actors and forming Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios as well as her monthly comedy show and what makes her such a special and unique teacher. The entire article is available to read here.

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