LPN Students' recent bookings and hot news....

Check out our teen student JEREMIAH I. WILLIAMS in PEN15!

We're THRILLED to announce that you can catch our teen student JEREMIAH I. WILLIAMS in E1S2 of PEN15 playing the character Issac! The episode doesn't air until September 18th but we're telling you now so you don't miss the date! He also recently booked TWO short films! Congrats Jeremiah!!

CRYSTAL ALLEN scores a lead role in a LIFETIME MOVIE!

We want to offer a HUGE congrats to LPN Studios student Crystal Allen who recently starred in a Lifetime movie called Beware of Mom! Here's a brief plot summary: Jessie's father is murdered and Lena, her sister, is collateral damage (it is thought to be an accidental gas leak). Jessie and her mother Anna (Crystal Allen) move near Kylie and her mother Tanya. Anna wants Kylie as a replacement. The show aired on August 15th so we're a little late on this announcement but be sure to catch it OnDemand! Congrats, Crystal!

Check out this article about OLIVIA ROSE KEEGAN talks about her DAYTIME EMMY WIN!

We have nothing but love for this talented young actress! Olivia has accomplished so much this year and we're so proud of her. Check out THIS ARTICLE with Digital Journal where she talks about her Daytime Emmy win amongst other things. She even gives us a little shoutout which we appreciate so much! Keep up the hard work, Olivia!

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