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Studying at LPN Studios helps you in your work.....

no matter what you are preparing for. That's because this a class unlike any other. Lauren teaches long form improv AND scene study not just because she wants you to have an opportunity to do both, but because they compliment each other. In order to do one well, you must understand how to do the other.

Self Tapes

Get a first hand look inside the studio at the self tapes coached by Lauren. A lot of these tapes led to booking the role!

Coaching and shooting a self tape with Lauren has multiple benefits:

  • First and formost, the goal is to book the job, get a call back, and/or leave a lasting impression regardless of the outcome. ​

  • Through grounded detailing, working with Lauren helps actors discover many facets of their creativity and can breed a broad range of characters rather quickly. 

  • At the end of each session, you will go home with all of your footage so you can review it and further contemplate building on the character even after the audition is over. You’ll also see within that session how much you’ve grown your character. 


These tapes are used consistently by some of these actor's reps to get the attention of different casting offices for variousdifferent jobs. 


Lauren will light you and shoot you in a most flattering way, to assist in pulling the focusing on performance and content.

(There is no additional expense for lighting and shooting.)

Original Characters

Take a look at the MadJackrat's Show footage and in-studio tapings of orginal characters born in the Studio.

While Lauren’s classes started out as primarily a scene study class almost two decades ago, there has also been a concentration on creating and building characters. This is largely due to the unique improv format that lauren has created over the years which opens each class. 


Creating characters that are memorable is a true specialty at Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios. Actors are given the freedom of expression coupled with a strong emphasis on keeping grounded. Taking risks and exposing some of the odd-ball people that live inside of us is a joyful experience and Lauren's work, privately or in class, fosters this courage. 


The true definition of character work doesn’t necessarily mean the character is outrageous, but it can be. However, Lauren’s teaching also enhances any actors “real” human characters and caters to elevating a "simple" character to a higher standard. 

Student Work

Explore this page to view the work that so many students have done on TV and in Film. 

Every role ever played on TV and in film is a character, even if you wouldn’t define that role as "charactery". This is because choices have to be made and it is the very specific details that define a top-notch performance.


It is the ability, insight and informed outside perspective that can guide a performance to the point of the details being so effortless that it becomes a memorable performance. Subtle or wacky, the goal is to have casting come to the conclusion that you are the character.


These students are actors that, through their work at LPNStudios, now possess the ability to portray a wide range of diverse personalities and essences. Often times, this is essential in the casting process.

Student Collaborations

LPN Studios is one big family. A lot of students have worked on and created projects together. Check them out here!

Coming Soon

One of the special things about working out at Lauren Patrice Nadler Studio’s is that she attracts eclectic, talented, embracing and communal students. While lifelong friendships have been forged at the studio, more importantly, many of these relationships have led to cultivating important collaborations.


These projects include people producing together, writing together and ultimately shooting/filming and putting up live theater productions together. Many of these collaborations are ongoing and have created an online presence. As a result, these projects have contributed to creating extraordinary reels that ultimately get the attention of high-level agencies and casting offices leading to bookings.


LPNstudios' student body genuinely like and support each other, share info with each other and look forward to opportunities to work together. 

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