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Industry Testimonials



We highly recommend Lauren Patrice Nadler. She requires a high level of commitment and dedication with complex scene work and challenging exercises, so it's not for the casual class-goer. But for those who choose to really focus there seems to be some magic happening here.

Cheryl Jackson - Jackson Entertainment

"It is amazing to see how Lauren brings out the truth in young actors. I admire her way of teaching. And she is also very loved by her students."


Mara Santino - Talent Manager at Luber Rocklin

I say Life changing and not just career, because it is exactly that. Yes the career changes along with your life however the knowledge Lauren's students take from their experience and time with her will be held onto for life. She is able to help students find untapped emotions that they may have never known were in their own reflection. She has taught a myriad of my clients and I am never let down. There are things she knows about the business and the craft that I will never attest to being privy to. I have come to rely on her knowledge(from Imrpov, Comedy, all the levels of drama, and even her picture perfect lighting and work on self tapes), as well as the care she will give to my clients, their hearts, and their passion. IF you are willing to do the work, she will change your life! I have clients she has coached since 12 years old and are now on Series and doing major films and they always come back to teach with Lauren, work through not just auditions but their actual paying acting jobs. They trust her, they love her, and so do I.

Danielle Lenninger - Manager at Luberrocklin 

“Lauren Patrice Nadler's students possess the most amazing range and depth in their performances.  Her students are professional and prepared and it's always a pleasure to see her students in productions.”

Shari Hamrick - Executive Producer,  Spirit Horse Productions

“I've witnessed the growth in Lauren's students from beginners through to her master class. She has that "IT" thing when it comes to teaching. Lauren truly is the actor's teacher and I often call upon her for referrals when casting. I've never been disappointed”


Adrianna Porcaro - Independent CD.  

Former Director of Talent & Casting Sony TV

"Lauren identifies each actor's strengths and helps them bring it to full use. Her warm, sensitive nature allows actors to feel "safe" in her class and comfortable to stretch and explore.”


Beth Goldstein - Talent Manager in LA, 

former  Casting Professional in Television & Film

"When you need a haircut you can go to a barber or stylist. We think of Lauren Patrice Nadler as the Stylist to the Actor, in preparing them for their auditions. When we want our clients to book, we send them to Lauren Nadler. She is an excellent coach and teacher.”


Bonnie Black - Agent

BBTalent & Literary Agency

“Lauren is a well loved coach in Hollywood. She is passionate about her students, and goes the extra mile to make them better actors (and working actors). Her actors are truly more creative, dynamic, and honest in their performances than most other actors who audition for me.  They are spontaneous, unpredictable, and a joy to watch.  I reach out to her students 100% of the time when casting and I always end up with way too many choices (which has often led writing roles for her actors). I have worked with Lauren as an actor, director, coach and there isn't an area I wouldn't use her for again and again.”  


Jenn Page - Producer 

Luminave Films

"Lauren gets results. I've seen her working with actors from beginners to seasoned veterans. She has the unique ability to zero in on a performance and give very specific guidance, the result being a more truthful, honest performance." 


Steven Bozga - writer/director

“Lauren, to me, is a teacher extraordinaire. The environment she has created is a safe, positive, loving place where actors can explore themselves, giving them the ability to grow and reach new heights of success.  But what really sets her apart from all the other teachers out there is her nurturing nature.  She has literally transformed my clients by bringing out this insurmountable confidence which is the EXACT ingredient needed when walking into an audition. She inspires actors to shut out the nagging voice in their heads and trust their instincts. Her approach has given my clients the ability and tools to make strong choices and take risks.  Her passion is priceless and I can honestly and gladly say that I’d refer everyone to her because I trust she’ll inspire and motivate them!!


Marina D’Amico - Talent Manager

Precision Entertainment

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