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When studying with Lauren Patrice Nadler...

you are given a true workout. You are provided with essential tools that allow you to create characters so that you are prepared for the live audition, the taped audition, the call back (zoom or live), and most importantly, the booked job. Lauren helps to keep you camera and stage ready. From classes, to improv, to private coaching. She offers you all the tools to have a successful acting career.


Classes are affordable, so you can attend on an ongoing basis to stay fresh and in practice.


FORMAT: Classes are primarily on-going scene study intensives. All classes open with at least an hour of improvisation in Lauren's "makin' a movie" style.


Convenient location with Free Unlimited Parking. We also offer Zoom classes from anywhere in the world.


You Will Learn to...

- Further plug into your true instincts

- Create colorful, unique, and grounded characters

- Overcome fear and self consciousness

- Place your focus to manage nervousness

- Be more free to act on your creative impulses 

- Be more free to act on your physical impulses

- Be more free to act on your emotional impulses

- Multi-task on stage and camera when necessary       

- Tap into sources that help you cry and/or laugh freely

- Take direct routes to specific choices that are personal

- Simplify your preparation, while remaining detailed and specific

- Fine-tune your ability to thoroughly and quickly interpret material to honor the writer’s intention 

- Always have a joyful and WHOLE experience on stage and in front of the camera 

- Choose wisely, then totally trust your choice


The Goal is to...

- Learn to recognize, with certainty, when you are “IN” or “OUT”

- Acquire the skill to always know what you need, and how to find what you need, in order to achieve a desired result

- Gain insight into how to always have a variety of levels working simultaneously

- Obtain the ability to “pull the focus” when necessary

- Expand your range 

- Always enjoy the process

- Book jobs in your desired genre

- Become CERTAIN about the quality of your work

Find the studio on Backstage HERE.

Private Coaching
Scene Study
Classes are ongoing in 6 week sessions
Private Coaching
Sessions are booked by the hour

Lauren considers you to be the expert on YOU!


Whether you are a working/experienced actor who has studied every technique on the planet, or you are newer to the process, Lauren will approach you from where you currently are.


She defines you by what you reveal and guides you to access your power in such a way that you will grow at a very accelerated rate and be able to effortlessly reveal more.


YOU WILL BE CHALLENGED and have the opportunity to take great risks. As a result you will become braver, more open and more creative. You will therefore be more colorful, complex and more interesting to watch, as well as more castable.  


Regardless of your level, you will be introduced to thought-provoking new concepts, exercises and approaches in order to further layer your work. 


In the scene study section of class, Lauren uses strong, contemporary, tested material from powerful, published plays by great playwrights, with complicated and textured characters.  You will be required to prepare with a scene partner in independent rehearsals. 

You will also participate in at least an hour of Lauren's Special "Mak'in a Movie" improvisation as an opening warm-up. 


There can also be an opportunity for you to work on your monologues and upcoming audition pieces. Cold reads, with material from television and film, are also worked on in class. You will work in EVERY class.


The best part is that we have a great deal of fun in the process. This can be a very difficult profession, so you might as well enjoy yourself!

Want to audit? email us at

Ready to join? Click the button below to fill out the form to take your private qualifying session.

When should you coach with Lauren?


For Important Auditions

No matter how large or small the role, you MUST be working at a competitive level if you want to book the job. The majority of performers you consider your competition, who work consistently, coach for every audition. They walk in sharp sharp sharp, so you have to be confident and SURE that what you’re doing will work as well. Even if you don’t book that job, you want to leave a lasting impression on the casting people that is good, if not great, whether live, in your tape, or in the zoom box.


To Prepare Scenes 

In preparing a scene for showcases, agency meetings, or events of that nature, coaching (or having the scene directed) is always recommended. Even if you don't have the cooperation of your scene partner, Lauren can work with your half of the scene. There is a good reason why a director plays a primary role in the success of every project that exists.  Self-directing almost NEVER works. It is very difficult to be objective when you are inside the scene.  A keen outside eye is crucial in offering guidance and detecting important details that you might miss.  This could mean the difference between acquiring representation or not.


To Locate & Master Triggers

You will develop AMAZING tools that can be at your fingertips on the job and when auditioning. These tools will stay with you and benefit you for years to come. It is also another area where working with Lauren can get pretty profound. You will learn processes that are not for the weak. While you will go pretty deep in the audition and scene work, coaching is PERSONAL core work for you. You will unlock specific blocks and gain more self awareness in order to fully express yourself.  You can explore complicated material and discover how to tap into what most people in other professions might call “issues”.  Lauren  calls this "buried treasure". This work is emotional, risky, and takes great courage.  It is very, very powerful and could change your life. This can be done effectively from anywhere in the world now.

To work with "one of the best acting coaches in town", Email Lauren directly at

Online Classes
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This program is part of the class
with option to self tape

The Improvisations in Lauren’s classes are designed to:

-Eliminate fear

-Improve your focus

-Manage nervous energy

-Expand your creative thinking

-Encourage your active listening 

-Enhance your ability to multi-task on set

-Work on various characters, including ones with physical and mental challenges

- Create high comedy characters that are grounded

-Allow you to detail believable relationships, environments, and circumstances

-Remain open and spontaneous


These are important skills because most commercial auditions and many film and TV projects these days are improvised and you must commit to characters and circumstances, no matter how absurd. 


This work also allows Lauren to gauge your strengths and weaknesses when you are not bogged down by a script in hand. 


Plus, we have an absolute blast in the process!

ABOUT the process:

The "Makin' a Movie" format was developed by Lauren as an opening exercise that facilitates the growth of all of the necessary tools an actor needs. They will be prepared to go out into the world of acting with full-bodied, head to toe, walking and talking, multitasking performances, in any genre. 

Truly a method, when brought to its highest level it can expand any actor seeking growth, in ways that are limitless. Rooted in truth, actors are encouraged to commit and push the envelope, make the unbelievable believable, and have a whole lot of fun while doing it!


To learn more about our LPNSimprov show click here.

To see some of the characters created in our improv program click here.

** For alumni; inquire directly with Lauren

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Lauren has been way ahead of the curve, coaching online with her working on set clients and international students, for years now. 


Lauren offers online coaching using Skype, FaceTime, Facebook chat, or Zoom. We recommend Zoom because as a bonus, it has the feature to record and we can provide a video of the entire session to look back at notes and discoveries made while coaching.


Additionally, if your audition requires a self-tape submission, you supply the camera and lighting on your end, Lauren supplies the guidance to help you achieve a perfect tape!

This means for the same price as her powerful coaching, she is also skilled in helping you frame, light, and tape your audition since she has been doing this for years now. 



Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 1.17.00 PM.PNG
Self Tape Services
Sessions are booked by the hour

Stand out from the other submissions. Taping with Lauren while coaching provides an added benefit. This way you are sure to have Lauren’s keen eye on your performance from start to finish and the wealth of knowledge Lauren knows about the quality of tape a casting director expects to receive. Why not get the tape "in the can" while dissecting and perfecting the material with Lauren.

Self-tape is available by zoom or in-studio with Lauren. Email Lauren directly at

For examples of past sessions with Lauren:


Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 5.38.53 PM.png
Booked in two-month sessions
Career Consulting
booked by the hour

Lauren’s online classes, just like her live classes, are always potent and powerful! We are currently offering Teen and Adult, online classes, via ZOOM.


Lauren’s teaching crosses all barriers. She will always help you find your truth, whether in person or online. With this new format, she has the opportunity to “zoom” in, even more and get up close and personal. With new heightened ways to focus on finding your truth, there is also an emphasis on creating an environment and a focus on script analysis.


Classes are booked in two-month sessions. To inquire, for more information, and for a virtual audit, click below.

Do you have questions about your career? Do you wonder who has all the answers?

... actually, YOU do, but a little guidance can help you discover the answers more quickly!


•Have the right headshot for you

•Gain more clarity about theatrical terminology

•Become certain about how to begin creating an effective reel

•Prepare properly to seek representation

•Have more control over the outcome of your meetings


Book your personal private power session by the hour

and start setting creative goals immediately!


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