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Lauren's Philosophy

Acting is a journey, not a destination!

Just as an athlete must be in shape in order to prepare for a game or event, so must an actor. You wouldn’t run a marathon if you had been sitting on your butt for months, prior to the race.  You must always be in shape to be ready to compete. Don’t fool yourself, the “rusty” actor rarely books the job. Ongoing workouts are imperative to the success of any acting career.  You must know yourself. You must know precisely how to tap into your personal “well”  to access the most powerful and appropriate tools you possess and you must do so on short notice. Lauren's acting classes ensure you keep these muscles warm.

Lauren's Approach

Lauren is tireless and passionate about her students. 

While blending several techniques, Lauren works with you on YOUR specific goals.  Assisting you in acknowledging and enhancing your strengths, Lauren helps you address and overcome your weaknesses. If you have been at this awhile and you feel that you are plateauing, she will push you to that higher level. Every time you work together you will be introduced to aggressive and thought-provoking ideas. She is kind, yet relentless, in pushing you towards your desired shift in your acting. You work in EVERY class. Lauren creates a supportive environment, and encourages her students to strike up valuable and successful collaborations on projects with each other. 

Who is Lauren?

She is a director/actress/international acting coach who has assisted in taking countless performers to the next level in their careers. Lauren has led them to bookings in national commercials, as well as series regular and contract roles, lead, supporting, recurring, and guest star roles, both in television and film. 


From NYC, Lauren planted roots in LA to further share her years of experience in front of and behind the camera. She started out as an actor and comes from an elite lineage of teachers. Having studied acting extensively with Karen Ludwig, she eventually became her leading student. Karen was the renowned, Uta Hagen's, protege. Lauren still takes on the occasional acting project and has even had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Danny Nucci (Titanic) in Italian American Reconciliation.


Lauren possesses a strong insight into the casting process. She has cast a good deal of projects, including casting Oscar winner Adrien Brody (The Pianist) in one of his first lead roles in Ten Benny. She has also been involved in the casting of several movies with the talents of Simon Baker (The Mentalist), Lauryn Hill (singer), Jesse Martin (Law 

and Order), Frank Vincent (Sopranos) and more.


These experiences working with seasoned and (at the time) undiscovered Oscar winners, taught her so much about the commitment it takes to get noticed in this competitive field. She applied this knowledge when taking on her own projects. In addition to directing many theater productions and independent films, she also has a feature film, several award-winning short films, and an entire eleven-episode web series under her belt. She currently produces the LPNSImprov monthly comedy show, starring her top-tier students. In all her projects, she has been able to present close to a hundred of her students in front of and behind the camera. 


Lauren understands your journey. Her students WORK, acquire agency representation and actually remember why they started acting in the first place.


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Lauren with Adrien Brody

on the set of
Ten Benny

Lauren with Frank Vincent

on the set of
Ten Benny

Lauren with Danny Nucci

Backstage of 
Italian American Reconciliation
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