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Teen Class

Teen Clients make quantum leaps studying at Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios...

Lauren's students have always had a callback ratio of nearly 100%, go to network and test frequently. Now with the new format, they are booking right off tape. The bookings are constant in major motion pictures and Indie films, as well as on hit television shows, on major networks including NBC, CBS, TNT, AMC, Freeform, CW, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Nickelodeon and many more.




Working at LPN Studios will enhance their ability to...

* Take direction effortlessly

* Always listen to their true instincts

* Overcome fear & self consciousness

* Manage nervousness

* Be free to act on their impulses

* Cry and/or Laugh freely

* Be more creative in performance

* Become a more truthful & dynamic performer


Keep your teen or teen client on top of their game...

Join LPN Studios new ONGOING teen class today!!

Class is held Sundays from

2:00pm - 5:00pm

Class will be in 8 week cycles

Tuition: $375

Space is limited!

To sign up, simply email us at


Someone will get back to you with all the details.


The Teachers


Lauren is an award winning director as well as an acting coach & actress, originally from Queens, NY. Between directing projects she spends the majority of her time teaching class and coaching actors towards successful careers in television, film, and commercials. She has been training students for more than 20 year and the list of successful students is endless. She is now proud to have one of her long term Master Class students teaching the first ongoing Teen Class, which will include her unique "Making a Movie" long form improv that she created and cultivated through many years in her acting studio giving teens the opportunity to grow leaps and bounds in an ongoing class, as her adult students have over the years.


Micky also hails from Queens, New York. He is an actor and producer known for Mistresses, Criminal Minds, Beyond Borders, Westword, and most recently NCIS: Los Angles. Micky got his start performing in the off-Broadway play "God is Nearer Than the Door" as well as "A Time for Music" as Radio City Music Hall. After finishing study at Queens College, Micky moved to Los Angeles where he found Lauren and began studying with her. Soon after he booked his first lead in a feature film, "the Party is Over" with Kathy Baker. He is now one of her master students and one of the stars of the LPNSImprov Troop and beyond excited to teach the Teen Improv Class with Lauren!

Some of LPN Studio's Teen Success Stories

Alex Neustaedter,

Colony, Miles Walking out, Shovel Buddies, Ithaca, The Dead Diaries, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Allegra Acosta

The Runaways, 100 Things To Do Before High School, Just Add Magic 

Suraj Partha,

Modern Family, Masters of None, Ender's Game

"Studying acting without Lauren's studio is like climbing Mt.Everst without oxygen. Lauren isn't a teacher who tells you what to do. She helps you create a deep connection with a character -- even though it can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but stepping into that casting office knowing in your gut you ahve an edge on other actors is priceless."

"Lauren has created such a great environment where I can grow not only as an actress, but as a person. Her method of working with people is priceless, she is so devoted in her work. She helped me believe in my work and not back down to any who says otherwise. Thank Lauren for everything!! You truly have inspired me and changed my life. "

"Lauren is one of those acting coaches that finds a way to relate to every single one of her students and tells them the things that will help them grow as actors and individuals in the most efficient and healthy way. I personally cannot thank her enough for taking the actor inside of me and helping him come alive."

Aramis Knight,

Into the Badlands, Ender's Game, The Mentalist, Scorpion, Batman: Dark Knight Rises, Boy Meets World

"Lauren has been a big part of my success. She has opened things up in me I didn't know I had. She goes over and beyond her "call of duty". I'm so lucky to have her on my team!"

Bryana Salaz,

The Path,Best Friends Whenever (Disney), Aimee, Bizaardvark, Urban Cowboy, Joyful Noise, The Voice (Team Gwen)

ella_053 (1).JPG

Ella McDonald


I don’t even really know where to begin, except to say “Thank you, Lauren!”  Nothing compares to the level of dedication she has for her students and her work.  I know I can always trust her guidance and, more importantly, she has taught me to trust my own instincts, as well.  By taking ongoing private coaching sessions with Lauren and attending her improvisation and scene study class, I know that I am positioning myself to constantly evolve as an actor. 

Khylin Rhambo,

Teen Wolf, Ender's Game, The First Family, Criminal Minds

"Without Lauren, I don't know if I would be in this series and the amazing film Ender's Game and my FIRST TV series! Thanks to Lauren, I feel that my career is started in the right place and I love her for that. From the bottom of my heart thank you Lauren for all the help and opening my eyes!"


Wyatt Walter

NCIS: New Orleans, Shameless, 

Parks  and Recreation


Genesis Ochoa

Recovery Road, The Book of Life (voice), Gravity Falls, Rake


Aiden Berryman

9-1-1, Suits, SWAT, Walmart (national commercial)

"Lauren Patrice Nadler's class upped my acting to a whole new level, this is why I call this class "my class" and will be forever a fan . She is simply the best and this class is totally amazing. Between Lauren's Acting Classes and coaching the last six months have boomed for me unbelievably. And I am so grateful to have Lauren as my personal coach because she hasn't just made me a better actor but also a better human in general."

"I can't thank my coach Lauren enough for the success I've had this year with my acting. Taking her classes has given me a new sense of confidence and the tools I've needed to land some great opportunities. The turn around in callbacks and being pinned for numerous projects is all thanks to what I've learned through her and her classes and private coaching. I'm looking forward to learning and growing more through her classes." 

"Since joining Lauren Patrice Nadler’s teen class I have become so much more confident in my choices as an actor. There is a technique to this class co-taught by Micky that cannot be explained, but is effective and can be applied to comedy, drama, commercials... everything! Recently I booked 3 major projects all within a short 2 week time period and all since starting classes at LPN. "

Nicole Tompkins,

American Horror Story, Opening Night, The Grey Matter Archives, Amityville Terror, Astrid Clover

Luke Colombero

The Divide, NCIS,

Parks  and Recreation


Jenny Woodward

Lethal Weapon, 

Game Shakers

"Lauren takes you deeper. Just when you think you have gotten the material where it needs to be, she swoops in and helps you add one more layer or aspect that makes your scene work and performance ten times more powerful The long form improv she teaches has helped shape the way I audition..."

"Lauren’s unique ability to co-mingle learning with laughter offers teens the chance to learn critical improv and character development techniques in a safe and fun environment. It’s a joy to pick up Luke after each class and hear him laughingly describe the antics which ensue during the kids’ scene work; as an added bonus, great friends have been made! This teen class is a gift to youth performers; we are so deeply grateful to Lauren and her staff." - Julie Colombero

My daughter, Sophia, has taken Lauren's weekly class for the last two pilot seasons.  The change in her confidence alone - even after the first couple of classes - was astonishing!  Sophia comes out of each interaction with Lauren with a greater understanding of each role.  Lauren has the ability to help her just relax into the part and really own the character.  Her pilot season callbacks were incredible!  Sophia doesn't even walk into a casting room anymore without meeting with Lauren first.  I highly suggest working with her!  You will see considerable growth!!  -Jenny Woodward

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