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What will I gain from this intensive?


At the end of these five days you will feel a renewed sense of purpose as you enjoy the freedom that comes from expressing your unique talent and authentic voice. You will become transformed as an actor.

Who is this workshop for?


The Transformation Intensive is for any actor who has a deep driven desire to be someone that people remember and want to see perform again and again. It is for those actors who are ready and willing to do the work required to build their craft and create a meaningful and lasting acting career.

If you are a newer actor, here is your opportunity to stretch and grow fast, while accessing the powerful Foundation you need for success, right from the start. You can save yourself a ton of heartache and a great deal of time with the momentum you gain by participating in this dynamic intensive.

If you are an advanced actor, the intensive will help you finally see, and be able to unwind, the habits you have developed that have prevented growth and keep you from making the impact you want. This intensive will help you leap over any plateau you are currently stuck with your acting and in your career.

For both newer and advanced actors you WILL be a better actor on the other side of this workshop!

You will be a TRANSFORMED ACTOR who has:

Enhanced believability that captivates your audience
▪ Daringness that deepens your delivery
▪ Confidence that lets you soar through auditions
▪ Relief from self consciousness
▪ Powerful tools to overcome fear and manage your nerves
▪ Freedom to act on your true feelings and impulses
▪ Access to creating colorful, unique and grounded characters.
▪ Stronger ability to interpret material to honor the writers intentions.
▪ Polish and power of a trained actor
▪ Excellence that helps you be more 'castable', and more...


Will this improve my auditions?


YES. While this is not an audition technique class, we will delve into the audition and taping process during a unique portion of the training. You will dip your toe into many areas that an actor has to know to prepare. Ultimately, the purpose of The Transformation Workshop is to focus on 'the work' and 'the habits' that you must form to be successful.

This Transformation Intensive will enhance all areas actors must tackle to be masterful, including auditioning.


Will I get my questions answered?


While you may have questions before and during the program, if you listen carefully throughout, you will receive many pearls of expert knowledge from Lauren in the process of your work and when observing others. However, one of the special features of the program is there will be opportunity for Q&A with Lauren which will cover any question you might have about technique, auditioning, the industry and more.


In just ONE week, you can 
become more POWERFUL, more PRESENT, 
more AWARE, more AUTHENTIC, and
quite simply, a BETTER ACTOR.

At The Transformation Intensive we will cut through all the bull. Despite what media might say and others have led you to believe, there are no short cuts in acting -- if you want to be great!

However, Lauren's intensive can fast track The Transformation that she has brought to her successful acting students over their years studying in her classes, and working with her privately.

You can now have the knowledge they have gained and attain clear understanding and access to what will help you elevate to the next level.


You can have a successful acting career with Lauren Patrice Nadler's expert guidance.

The Transformation Intensive will give you a head starting if you're just just starting and a big boost if you are more advanced by providing you with the transformational tools you need for success

Gain the knowledge these actors have:


Kyle Allen -- The Haunting of Venice
Rudy Pankow -- Outer Banks
Michael Provost -- The Holdovers
Jazmine Robinson -- Rap Sh!t
Alex Neustaedter -- American Rust
Olivia Rose Keegan -- Daytime EMMY winner
Parker Young - United States of Al
Shay Mitchell -- Pretty Little Liars
Suraj Partha -- Ender's Game
Allegra Acosta -- RUNAWAYS
Aramis Knight -- Into the Badlands
Brit Morgan -- TRUE BOOD
Jacob Artist -- GLEE
Joseph Julian Soria -- The Flight Attendant

... and many many more who have tapped into and built successful careers.

You want to plan to be a part of this program with Lauren. 


WHERE: On Zoom from Los Angeles

WHEN: Monday-Friday, June 10-14th from 10AM-2PM (PST)

COST: $1500

WHAT: An opportunity to be better than you ever dreamed possible

To insure personalized concentrated time with Lauren, The Transformation Intensive is limited to a small group of serious students.

This program is offered by APPLICATION ONLY.

We want to make sure you are a fit for the intensive and the pace.

Click Here For the Application


Take the power and the joy of your career 
into your own hands today!

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