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We can FINALLY talk about it! Congrats KYLE ALLEN!

Congrats to Kyle Allen for his latest guest star on season 8 of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, premiering September 12th on FX. Kyle is coming off his third season of THE PATH on Hulu and he hasn't stopped working. We're glad he's back in LA and keeping with the snowball of success!

GERALDINE VISWANATHAN has just been cast in BAD EDUCATION with Hugh Jackman!

Geraldine Viswanathan, friend and alumni of the studio, is coming off her hit film BLOCKERS released earlier this year. And now, she has just been cast in BAD EDUCATION with Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney! Details are being kept under wraps at the moment while the film is still in pre-production, but it's bound to be a blockbuster hit with these A-list actors! Keep coming back for more updates on this girl! You don't wan to miss out seeing this talented, young lady. She's becoming a huge star!

Michael Provost Is The Standout Star of Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ says Decider.com

And we couldn't agree more! The show is garnering a lot of attention and with all the kooky characters, LPN's own Michael Provost really stands out as the grounded and lovable character, Brick. If you haven't seen the hit TV show yet, check it out now on Netflix. Also, take a look at this article about Michael: https://decider.com/2018/08/14/michael-provost-brick-armstrong-insatiable/?utm_source=email_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site%20buttons&utm_campaign=site%20buttons

Congrats ANDREW GABRIEL for wrapping the lead in film AVOCADO and jumping on board the cast of SPCAE

This guy is a leading man! One of LPN's core members, he's a great example of a rise to success! We can't wait to see him in the lead role of his indie film, AVOCADO! And in case you missed it, we're also excited while we wait for the film SPACEWAVES in which Andrew costarred alongside real-life friend and classmate, Rudy Pankow! We're sure these two had a blast on set together and hope they didn't stir up too much trouble!

MICHAEL PROVOST'S series INSATIABLE is about to drop on Netflix August 10th.

We missed Michael while he was out of town filming 'Insatiable' but we know he killed it! Put it in your calendar because you don't want to miss this talented, young actor on the rise! August 10th on Netflix! We're also excited to announce Michael's recent guest star role on Showtime, but we aren't allowed to say what it is yet. Stay tuned to find out more!

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