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LPN Students' recent bookings....

Congrats for ZOE & CHLOE… a webseries starring LPN Students.

Congratulations to Cherrae Stuart, Kristin Korsnes, & Joanna Teris for creating and completing 2 full seasons of the comic webseries ZOE AND CHLOE PRIVATE DETECTIVES!

These characters originated in class and they took it to the set. Bravo Ladies!

Also Starring...

Series Regulars: Raven Tryon, Tye Edwards, Don Chambers, Zakareth Ruben, Bobby Pataki

Guest Star: Nedlinda Palomino, Scott Quattrochi, Ray Paolantonio, Kyle Mattocks, Jenny Mendoze, Tomeka Sullican, Keirstyn Werth, Paula Page.

All Current and Alumni Students of LPNstudios.

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