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LPN Students' recent bookings....

Parker Young back for 2nd Season

Parker Young Imposter Suburgatory Enlisted

Tune in to Bravo to catch Parker Young on the first season of "Imposter". He plays Richard, a "sensitive golden boy". Click here to learn more about this character.

This show has been picked up for a second season, congrats, Parker!!

"There was a feeling of pure love and excitement for life that I remember experiencing after winning my first football game and after rehearsing for my first school play; the type of feeling that makes you sit in your car when nobody else is around and scream at the top of your lungs!! This town tries with all of its might to suck those feelings right out of you, leaving artists feeling crushed and lifeless. Lauren brings that feeling of excitement back to me. She makes acting fun and meaningful. She takes a room full of self-conscious, doubt-filled adults, and awakens the 4-year-old genius within us all! I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with such a beautiful and giving person. Now I can scream in my car again, thank you :)." PARKER YOUNG - Arrow, Enlisted, Suburgatory, Mad Men

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