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LPN Students' recent bookings....

Grey's Anatomy Booking

Congrats to Marquise for booking and shooting her Grey's Anatomy episode! It aired last week! Her episode is called "Ain't That a Kick in the Head", if you want to try to find it online.

"Lauren has been a true life changer. As a child actress, my perception about the art of acting was a bit misconstrued. I appreciate Lauren’s no BS attitude that has encouraged me to push myself and trust every emotion that my body instinctually wants to do. Because of Lauren and LPN Studios, I have fallen in love with acting all over again. Thank you, Lauren, for lighting my fire and bringing back my love!” MARQUISE C. BROWN - Baby Daddy, The Bernie Mac Show, AT&T, KAY JEWELERS, NATIONAL BUD LIGHT, GARDASIL & WALMART Commercials.

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