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RACHEL THUNDAT bravely stands up and speaks out about sexual assault in the industry!

We're so proud of LPN's own Rachel Thundat for being brave, standing up, and speaking out! TAINTED is a 6 episode anthological mini series tackling sexual assault in creative industries. Join Rachel and all of us on NOVEMBER 16th at USC Norris Cinema Theater for the premiere of all 6 episodes and hear from TIME'S UP Speaker - Mir Harris.

"This project matters to me because I have experienced

sexual assault. I want to be a voice for others to know they

are not alone, and to share the stories that need to be told."

- Rachel Thundat, Lead Actress: VISUAL ARTIST Episode.

Links for more information below. PLEASE share this event that we are all so excited to see!

Event Page:

Facebook Page:

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