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LPN Students' recent bookings....

SURAJ PARTHA to star in "4/20"!!

We're excited to announce that LPN Studios student Suraj Partha has booked a leading role in a new film called "4/20"!

In this ensemble comedy, a dispensary owner launches into a day of haphazard activities he hopes will spark new business and keep his struggling store afloat. His biggest threat is a wide-eyed drug dealer hoping to reclaim the local cannabis business. Meanwhile, a trio of soon-to-be high school graduates try to scheme their way in to buy enough weed to properly toast their long-lasting friendship. And as two potential lovers struggle to align their views on pot, an elderly woman strikes up an odd friendship with a young immigrant with a secret. All the while, an edibles chef strives to impress her disapproving family with her burgeoning food truck. On this glorious holiday, people across life's spectrum will find they have more in common than just a love of herb.

We'll update you guys with more information when we have it! Congrats, Suraj!!

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