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JEREMY HOWARD Joins CBS Comedy Pilot "The Big Bad Wolfes"!

Congrats to LPN Studios alum and original MaD JaCKRaTs member Jeremy Howard who landed a series regular role opposite Julie Bowen on the new CBS comedy pilot "The Big Bad Wolfes" from the "Will & Grace" creators!

"The Big Bad Wolfes" centers on Frankie Wolfe (Bowen) a very successful and fiercely independent crisis manager whose world is turned upside down when she decides to let someone into her life for the first time — an 11-year-old girl whom she adopts and raises with the occasional help of her fragile, nervous wreck of a sister, Maria (Koenig).

Howard will play Lenny, Frankie’s (Bowen) off-center, cosmically attuned assistant who also happens to be her AA sponsor. Attracted to “people, not gender,” Lenny balances roles as both doting assistant and harsh critic, depending on what Frankie’s chaotic life requires each moment.

Click HERE for the full Deadline article!

Congrat again, Jeremy!


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