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LPN Students' recent bookings....

LAUR ALLEN leads alongside LINDSEY WAGNER in CHRISTMAS AT THE RANCH and in short film: COVER UP!

Mark your calendar for December 1st, this holiday season, because Laur Allen stars as Haley Hollis in the film Christmas at the Ranch!

Haley returns home to save the family ranch from closure and unexpectedly ends up spending a lot of time with the ranch hand Kate (Amanda Righetti) to whom she might be falling for.

Her co-stars include Lindsey Wagner (Grey's Anatomy, The Paper Chase) and Amanda Righetti (The O.C., The Mentalist).

Laur also leads in the short film Cover Up which follows tattoo artist, Bonnie, as she opens up a speakeasy tattoo parlor in the late 90's for women that became domestic violence victims.

Check out the promo with director Ember Condron and some of the cast for more insight!


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