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LPN Short Film Accepted into Festival!

Lift-Off Film Festival The Dead Diaries

Here is the official poster for the 2017 Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival Online! Lauren's film "The Dead Diaries" made it on the poster! (Bottom middle.) The thriller, directed by Lauren, was comprised entirely of studio members. Cast and most of the crew.

If you would like to see and vote for the film, click here. (NOTE: This is only up for about a week, so if you are reading this in the future, it will be unavailable.)

Cast: Jeremy Howard, Michael Franklin, Micky Shiloah, Erik Van Wagenen, Alex Neustaedter, Kyle Allen

Crew: Michael Faner, Zack Pennetta, Steven Munson, Kyle Hartman, Kuali'i Wittman, Marquise Brown, Ricardo Zarate Jr.

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